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Why Sewing

so youSewing and garment construction aids in the development of fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, spacial relations, and visualization. Life skills such as patience, focus, process thinking, problem solving, organizational development and compartmentalization are also developed.  Garment construction and sewing directly and positively effect confidence, self esteem, self-efficacy and self-reliance.

We believe creativity and creative expression are important learning modalities and are important in assisting in traditional academic curriculum.  Sewing is no longer widely offered within the academic school calendar, other than in private schools such as Waldorf and Montessori Schools. Where it is offered, it is often offered as an elective typically at the end of the school day or school year.

Montessori learning philosophy states that lacing, stringing and weaving helps a child’s dexterity and manipulative skills. By using their hands the child has a more fully integrated learning experience. Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf schools, believed that creativity is innate in all human beings. By participating in creative opportuities , the child recognizes the capacity to become active participants in creating their future rather than be passive onlookers.  Steiner believed that learning is interdisiplinary and true learning crosses between academics and other schools of thought. Sewing is not only a compliment to learning math, from basic counting and measurment but through geometry. Sewing teaches process, process thinking and process of completion, neither of which the importance can be overstated.  Much of the use of computers are left brained activity, and without creativity in our lives, to the deficit of right brained function. Creativity is important to a well balanced human being.

We believe sewing and garment construction offers well needed balance . Sewing and Garment construction also is a vocation. In these economic times, it would be prudent to condsider the choice in saving money for alterations and repair. Sewing and garment construction is also a means of earning income.

Sewing is also important for those that want to have a career in Fashion Design.  It can take years to develop a skill set necessary in submitting your portfolio.We strongly suggest beginning lessons as soon as you thnk you might want to enter the Fashion business.