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Home School


If you are a home school instructor or home school your own children, you will be happy to know we offer creative projects for you.

If you have not done so already, read the WHY SEWING section of our website and see why sewing would be an asset to your curriculum. Sewing is a life skill and encourages social interactions, focus and patience. Additionally sewing and garment construction aids in the development of eye hand coordination, problem solving and process thinking.

So you… offers discounts to Home schoolers who attend classes from 10 am – 2 pm. We prefer classes of 4 – 8 students. Contact us for more information.

Check out the So You…Want to sew sewing kits! the instructions are very clear and we will train you to work with your kids!   we will be make available to you downloadable sewing and lacing project guidelines upon your registration. you will also have access to a secure part of our site! We make teaching sewing very easy and your kids will look forward to their sewing class!

If you would like to become a So You..Sewing instructor and start your very own So You… Sewing business go to  want to be a so you instructor section.